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Sunday School For All Ages
9:15 AM Sunday

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In reading the 28th Chapter of the Gospel of Matthew, we find the risen Jesus, in one final glorious moment, defining the mission for His disciples (and eventually us) in a new and changing world. One of our goals, as He tells us, is to teach.

At Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, we are not a loss for gifted disciples who have a passion to teach; to take their materials and spread the Good News to young and old.

Our Sunday School program in 2001 was blessed by the teaching ministries of many. Christian Education was also evident in our weekly Bible Studies, special Youth Group activities, the annual Easter activities and Christmas program, Vacation Bible School, and First Communion and Confirmation instruction. Thanks to everyone who had a hand and heart involved in all of these very worthwhile endeavors.

It all comes down to a simple thing. A choice.

And I know. I made that choice. I was not an active Sunday School participant for a long time. But a few weeks ago, I thought about it a little bit differently. I seriously looked at the results of the investment I made from my choice.

# 1… I could stay home an hour earlier before Worship Service, enjoy a cup of coffee, read my Sunday paper, watch a little TV and relax…………….


# 2… I could come to Sunday School with the possibility of seeing or hearing something (hopefully even learning something) that could open my eyes and heart to a newer or clearer meaning of our Lord’s direction for my life; that could change an old attitude or perspective; that could make me a new creation in our Lord’s Body and energize me to find ways to use the blessings of the Holy Spirit to witness and serve.

For me…it wasn’t much of a decision. I’ve been back in Sunday School.

I pray that each of you consider the investment of a continuing Christian Education in your lives and the lives of your family.

Written by Bruce Keicher
Excerpted from Annual Report 2001

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