About Us

Mission Council

Current members are posted in the Narthex, along with meeting minutes. Terms are typically 2 years, with some being 1 year. Members are elected at the May Congregational Meeting. Those interested in serving on the Mission Council should speak with the Council President or Pastor.


Mutual Ministry

Mutual Ministry is a team that works as a partner with the congregation and Pastor. Those interested should speak with the Council President or Pastor.


Property Team

This team works to maintain and improve the church, contents and grounds.


Worship & Education

The Worship and Education committee makes sure everything for worship is taken care of and finds leaders and programs for education opportunities.


Deborah Circle

Meets every second Wednesday of the month at 10:00 am, except June, July and August.



Outreach is the umbrella committee for food pantry, Pumpkin Patch and the community dinner as well as other things done with and for people of the community who are not members. This includes invitations to people to join us in worship and fellowship.


Women’s Group

We also have a women’s group that meets for Bible Study, spiritual nurture and Christian fellowship.


Emergency Food Pantry

We have an emergency food pantry with which to serve our community. Lively worship and fellowship and adult learning opportunities.


Community Dinner

We have a community dinner on the second Wed of every month. The dinner is from 4-6 and free. Donations are cheerfully accepted.


Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin patch happens each fall and monies are donated to an area community service agency.


Peerage Committee

Our Peerage committee works with members and friends of the congregation sending cards, running receptions and delivery of food to the ill if necessary.